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President Xu Fei visits key universities in Russia
Reading number:405  author:管理员  Release time:2015-05-28 10:52:10.0

On Sept. 23, SWJTU President Xu Fei touched down in Moscow, Russia, the very stop on what will be a four-day stay in Russia, where he led a delegation to visit five renowned universities, such as Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, and Petersburg State Transport University. A great number of results were expected to achieve through this kind of efficient contacts with Russian counterparts.

Echoing the One Belt and One Road Initiative and Going Global Strategy of China’s High Speed Rail, SWJTU has been sparing no efforts in establishing cooperation ties with Russian counterparts. During the past several months, a number of high-profile Russian officials from the Ministry of Railway and distinguished scholars have paid their visits to SWJTU, bringing more opportunities for the future cooperation.

The major cooperation lie in faculty member exchange, jointly developing Russian language learning center and innovating the students training mechanism. Putting those initiatives into substantial cooperation will bolster SWJTU’s influence in Russia in terms of promoting high-speed rail.

Minister-Counselor, Zhao Guocheng, the Education office of the Embassy of the China, briefed the delegation on the status quo of the Sino-Russia cooperation on higher education. He also gave his opinions for the delegation in terms of how to develop and deepen the cooperation ties with Russian universities.



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