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SWJTU International Scholars Visit DEC
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An introductory seminar on  “One Belt One Road” was held by the DEC(Dongfang Electric Company) in their Xipu premise in a fresh morning of January 9, 2016.

The famous DEC invited international students of four different universities in Chengdu to participate in that introductory seminar and ten scholars of Southwest Jiaotong University and all together thirty international students from UESTC(University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)and SWUFE (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics)  joined in purpose of learning and grabbing the opportunity to know this world famous company. Ten international students from 6 different countries of SWJTU attended the program which was a learning session for them to know about a Chinese company, its working ethics, environment and possible research areas. It was also ensured that, students have a brief knowledge about what is “One Belt One Road” when the organizer said it is actually a bond to make the world more closer and mutual especially among developing and undeveloped countries. Before the seminar started in DEC premise, the 30 international participants were taken to an introductory tour inside the company to know about its history, progress and projects in different countries. Students were told that Dongfang Electric Company produces one third of the whole china’s electricity including nuclear power plants which attracted the participants a lot. At the beginning of the seminar, the host from DEC warmly welcomed all the participants and every participant cooperated with his or her self-introduction. In the brief discussion, students from different countries shared their views on DEC plans and projects and also presented their own plans about new energy sources, renewable energy topic, Chinese products and business outside china and so on. In a perfect discussion hour, it was SWJTU students who have shown their courage and talent of reasonable and logical thinking and expressed themselves freely. The main topic was one belt one road and students’ views and ideas were positive and motivating as it will become a way of eradicating poverty and a beginning of new development in all other undeveloped or developing countries. Some professional arguments, theoretical thinking, advices and observations made it easier for all to get the main points of DEC .The session ended with a big hope to make a successful world project “One Belt One Road”.

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