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Chinese Culture Salon
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The Chinese Culture Salon hosted by the International Affairs Office(IAO), organized by International Cultural Exchanges and Communication Association(ICEA) was held on Friday night(Nov.20) in the third floor of No.3 canteen of Xipu campus. Many international students participated and enjoyed the endless charm of Chinese traditional culture.

This activity aimed to improve international students'  understanding of Chinese culturet and deepen the friendship between Chinese students and international students. 

ICEA  member Ma Limin`s  guzheng performance

ICEA  member qing-hong wu  sang  a Chinese style song "blue and white porcelain".

Members from Hanfu Club of SWJTU gave the audience a lecture about the history and characteristics of Hanfu.

The president of the Calligraphy and Painting Association of SWJTU was invited to give a live show. He wrote the famous poem "fengqiaoyebo", and two international students read it out in Chinese.

After the calligraphy show, the audience practiced calligraphy with the guidance of members of  Calligraphy and Painting Association of SWJTU.

International students' calligraphy works.

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