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On December 17th, 2016, sponsored by the Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges  of Southwest Jiaotong University, hosted by the International Culture Exchange Association (ICEA),  the "CULTURE BOOMING WITH MUSIC"Cultural Evening Partywas held on our campus.

In the evening party, Mr. Wu Xieshuai, President of ICEA , gave his congratulations and warm welcome to the 2016 undergraduates and postgraduates of the new internationalstudent. The party began with the host's announcement and Zhou Xuefeng, theformer “SWJTU Love Music” champion,  brought a  song "sparks fly"  as an opening. Songs, dances, taekwondo performances, magic show, musical instruments and other exciting programs for the audience presented a rich audio-visual feast. "If you &Bang BangBang" from Korean and Japanese students performed beautifully, attracting the scene screaming again and again; The song "Dard e disco. Bollywood song." was brought  by the international student ToseefMajid of Pakistan  who won the audience's appreciation of the unique cultural style of Bollywood; Ariana and Monicafrom Kazakhstan sung the song "Primaoara" with dancing . It highlighted the whole party and the audience screamed for a long time.

Chinese students performed equally well, with a dance of <<judas>> to conquer the scene of the audience. Taekwondo Association's performance lead the scene of the students to feel the Tae Kwon Do culture, and the Magic Association for the magic show band To the joy of the mysterious atmosphere. In addition, ICEA members also brought wonderful performances. Wonderful evening, the climax after another, won the audience bursts of applause and cheers a wave after wave. Darren and other students brought the "African dance" for the party to draw a satisfactory conclusion. The whole evening was to convey all the students sonorous self-confidence and the infinite hope for the future, blooming youth and the dream of light.

This evening party includes a total of 18 programs from international students' groups, the SWJTUCommunities, the ICEA members. The International Students Officers, all international students, fraternal association representatives, more than 300 members watched the performance. The success of the cultural exchange show fully displayed of the culture and vitality of various countries, highlight the cultural exchanges and the wonderful collision, and also continue to write a new chapter on the contribution for our school’s cultural exchanges with other countries.

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