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Notification on Applying for “Distinguished International Students Scholarship” in 2016/2017 Academic Year
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In accordance with the foreign secretary to the [2016]1098, the Ministry of Education will continue to set up “Distinguished International Students Scholarship” in the 2016/2017 academic year, aiming to encourage international students to study hard in China and strive to forge ahead. Applicants meeting the qualification are eligible to apply for the scholarship according to the requirements in the notification.  The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:  
 1. Target Students and Recommended Places  
 The“Distinguished International Students Scholarship”, a total of 3 recommended places for our school, is for full-time undergraduate students in grade two and above or graduate students in grade two and above.  
 2. Incentive Standard  
 Provide lump-sum reward (15,000 yuan/person for undergraduate students; 30,000 yuan/person for graduate students) 
 3. Qualification  
 (1) Full-time undergraduate students in grade two and above or graduate students in grade two and above (including scholarship students and students at their own expense), excluding graduates in
2016, students extending the duration of schooling, and students not at university due to such reasons as interschool exchanges, internships, suspension, etc. in 2016/2017 academic year.  
 (2) Perform well on academic study and havestrong learning and research ability.  
  (3) Be friendly to China and perform well in China.  
  (4) Be law-abiding, physically and mentally healthy and all-round developing.  
  (5) Participate in various recreational activities or social practice  actively; applicants with outstanding deeds are preferred.  
  (6) Under the same conditions, applicants having family financial difficulties enjoy the priority. 
 4. Rules of Application 
  The applicant is required to fill in an application form online and submit written application materials. 
 (1) Online application  
 The applicant is required to log in the website of the China Scholarship Council ( ) to submit electronic application information.  
 (2) Written application materials 
 The applicant is required to submit the following application materials to his department:  
 a. After submitting electronic application information, download and print out Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship , and submit it to the International Students Office with signature on it; 
 b. Academic transcript; 
 c. School certificate issued by SWJTU; 
 d.The applicant’s personal statement, including learning situation, academic research achievements, honors and awards, participation on recreational activities and social practice,overallperformance in China, etc.  
 e. Recommendation letter (graduate students should be recommended by supervisor and undergraduate students by International Students Office).  
 f. Other supporting materials reflecting the applicant’s performance on learning and academic research, as well as situation of honors and awards.  
 5.Evaluation procedures and requirements 
  (1)The applicant should log in the website of the China Scholarship Council ( to submit electronic application information, and submit written application materials to the International Students Office as well before 15th June
.  (2) The International Students Office will make first evaluation on the candidates on 16th June.  
  (3) Evaluation experts will make final evaluation and determine the list of recommended candidates on 17th June.  
  (4)The list of candidates will be publicized on the website of International Students Office from18th June to 24thJune.  

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International Students Office

13th June, 2016 

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