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Int'l Students Office

 ♦International Students Office Contact Information

   Following are recommendations about how to interact with us:

  1. New students must participate in orientation sessions upon arrival.
  2. Brief questions may be addressed via email.

   International Students Office email: 

  1. Graduate Students & MOFCOM students: Ms. Christine Ni
  2. Bachelor Students, Exchange Students & 2017 International Students: Ms. Ye Zeng 
  3. Language Students:Tina Tang (Emei Campus)
  4. Students Recruitment:Ms. Christine Ni; 

Please include your name, student number in all correspondence.

♦ISO office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m (Lunch Break is from 12am to 2:00pm). Every officer has several days to accept student communication face to face per week. Please see the schedule as below. To meet with an officer when he/she is not on duty, you must make an appointment in advance ONLY by calling, text message. Appointments are not made by email. ALWAYS bring your passport with you to every ISO appointment. 




Office Tel.


Mon., Tue. (afternoon), Wed. & Fri.

(Office Hours)

Ye Zeng


RM425, Administrative Building, Xipu Campus

Christine Ni



RM425, Administrative Building, Xipu Campus

  If you have a serious personal crisis that requires immediate attention, you should call (not email) your advisor or officer to get attention or response. Email may not be checked daily during busy times of the year.


♦ISO's mailing address is:

International Students Office
Southwest Jiaotong University
RM425, Administrative Building, Xipu Campus

Western Hi-tech Zone
Chengdu, Sichuan 611756, P. R. China


♦Processing times:

   Do not wait until the last minute to request or process documents. 

  1. Allow the instant service such as update your information in system.
  2. Allow one business day service such as common documents or certificate. 
  3. Allow three business days such as an officer's signature on any kind of form or students residence permit documents and asking for leave.  
  4. Allow more than five business days for the preparation of complicated documents or report such as graduation certificate, delayed scholarship, family’s residence permit documents and so on. The officer at the ISO will tell you when you may return to pick up the document.

Note:If there is any mistake of the information given by student, student needs to be responsible for all consequences. If you do not allow enough time for processing, you will be asked to leave a self-addressed, stamped envelope and we will mail the document to you when it is ready.


Last Updated On: Nov. 9, 2018


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International Students Office Southwest Jiaotong University RM425, Administrative Building Western Hi-tech Zone Chengdu, Sichuan 611756, P.R.China

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